Stand Up Man

All songs written by Grant Langston.


Grant Langston – guitars, mandolin, piano and vocals
Tony Horkins – drums
Josh Fleeger – bass
Larry Marciano – lead guitar, acoustic, banjo



“Willie Nelson and Gram Parsons? Sure. Grant Langston & The Supermodels are the missing link between trad C&W and the modern, ‘alt’ variant.” — The Guardian UK

With Stand Up Man, Langston has found the perfect balance, capturing the rawness of the country records he grew to love and the drive of the rock records he’d become enamored of.

“I wanted to make good interesting songs in a genre that I feel is real and I can represent in an honest way,” he says. “With this new album, Stand Up Man, I’ve got the closest to that yet.”

For this record, he enforced a two-take rule on his band, The Supermodels and the various LA friends and musicians that contributed to the record. Some songs he wrote one day, rehearsed with his band the next and recorded the day after. The result is the first time he’s been able to fully realize his alt-country/Americana dreams.

“I told my co-producer, Rich McCulley, that we had to check ourselves at every step of way,” he says. “There will be times when we want to fix something, but we have to leave it be.” It’s the stuff of roadhouses, music to dance to and drink to.

They’re already a leading light in the burgeoning LA alt-country scene, a loose collective of like-minded musicians and venues, and when not on home turf they’ve been packing them in in England and France and across the United States.