Los Angeles Duets

The Concept: Pick 10 of LA’s best songwriters. Sit down with each, write a duet, and then record it. Simple, right? NOT REALLY. Choosing the artists was hard. (Who’s voices and range will work with mine?) Scheduling the time was hard. Writing the songs with people you hardly know (in some cases) and have never written with (in most cases) was hard. Booking the sessions to actually sing the songs was hard.

But like many worthwhile things, WHEN ITS OVER, IT FEELS GREAT. The logistics were daunting but the music is magic.

The players:

Jamie Douglass - drums
Darice Bailey – piano,
Wurlitzer, B3 organ
Brian Whelan – electric guitar
John Shreffler Jr. – electric guitar, steel guitar
Ted Russell Kamp – bass, B3 organ
Grant Langston – Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
Produced by Ted Russell Kamp
Engineered by Mark Rains, Ted Russell Kamp, and Rich McCulley
Mixed by Mark Rains at Station House Studio
Mastered by Todd Herfindal
Recorded December 2016 – November 2017 at Station House Studio, Red Hill Studio, The Den Studio in Los Angeles, CA
 Art direction and design by Jessamine Sison
Photography by Ed Burns and Jessamine Sison