Live In Bakersfield

All songs written by Grant Langston.


Grant Langston – guitars, mandolin, piano and vocals
Tony Horkins – drums
Josh Fleeger – bass
Larry Marciano – lead guitar, acoustic, banjo



“What Live in Bakersfield has is a real timeless quality. This is a band that loves playing country music and riding it as hard as it can.” — Maverick (UK)

“You guys outta do a LIVE record.” Over the past 6 years I’ve heard that from many people. They come to the shows. They buy the studio records. But they want to try and take the live experience home with them, in a way that studio albums just don’t deliver. So, here it is. Live in Bakersfield.

We’ve always loved playing in Bakersfield. It’s the point of origin for so much of the music I love. But more importantly, it is a town that loves going out and hearing live bands. Some towns are just like that. About 3pm emails and IM’s starting flying around, “Who are we going to see tonight?” Live honky tonk music is a way of life – ingrained in the culture of these towns. Playing music in a town like Bakersfield, must be like playing baseball in Yankee Stadium. You feel honored just to walk on the field.

I hope you enjoy this show…March 10, 2007. I know we did.