Country Music People (UK)

“… money well spent … if given the choice between the new CD’s by Grant Langston or Dwight Yoakam, I would pick Langston …” — Spencer Leigh, Country Music People

The Guardian UK

… their music is hot. HOT, we tell you. … if you like honky-tonk hoe-downs with titles like Burt Reynolds’ Movie Brawl and Drunken Prince Charming and the sort of pedal-steel paeans to bad women for good old boys that Willie Nelson could wrap his golden tonsils around. …

Photo shoot for the new record … and a BIG change

We just completed the cover shot photo session for the new record. It was a blast. For any of that session to make sense I need to tell you that we’re changing the title of the record to “Working Until I Die” Why is Royal Monaco on the trash heap (for now)? We spent a […]